Cancer Sucks!

Cancer Sucks!

I know we all have seen these two words before, but if you have been affected by it then you understand the meaning. There isn’t a better way to say it, politely any way.

My mom died from lung cancer in 2008 after a very short battle. I am not sure you could call it a battle because she wasn’t able to fight it much. I know in her heart and soul she was fighting but her body well that’s another story. By the time her cancer was discovered, it had spread from lung to many areas; lower back (that is how we found it-back pain), her ribs and of course lung was the primary. There were more sites but,  I no longer remember.  She started radiation for palliative care , I recall at some point mom had said ” I’d rather have the pain”.

Now my Mother in law at 81 is fighting cancer again, an aggressive form of non-hodkins lymphoma. She began her first Chemo treatment and so far so good. Praise God. Her taste buds are already reacting to the toxin that is supposed to cure her.  I have faith that she will be cured!

I participate in Relay for Life of the Gem City area in Memory of my mom and in honor of my mother in law and the countless others that have fought this battle. My vision is to see a cure in my lifetime. So join me in my fight, find an event in your area, join my event, donate, participate, or something! Do something don’t just let this disease win!

First blog ramblings

Hello to whoever might be reading this post. I am starting this blog as it was a tip for growing a business. I am a mother, grandmother, RN, wife, and an Avon Independent Sales Representative. I have 3 dogs that I love and they drive me crazy sometimes. Lucky is terrier mix 9-10 years he stays to himself mostly. Macy is 6 years old a GSD mix, hyper and jumps like a kangaroo. Schultz is a 3 year old GSD that is a bully, but loyal and protective.

I started up my Avon business again after a long hiatus. I am excited to start this new journey, with the new technology and social media that can be utilized to grow my business. I hope to be able to learn as much as I can.

I have been a RN for 25 years, I worked on Med-Surg cardiac units, ICU, and a couple of years in the Cardiac Cath Lab. For the last 9 years or so I have been working in the information systems department, with the electronic medical record. I love working in Information Systems as you can see what you have accomplished, instant gratification!

I have been married for 27 years in July, a grown son and granddaughter! Of course, I spoil her!


An Advantage of Getting Older

Something my husband and I have noticed is, that we realize part way into a movie, that we have seen it before. But we don’t remember seeing it so, it’s like seeing the first time. TV shows and reruns are like that too!

To Blog or Not to Blog

Yea, I know not very original! But it is appropriate, I am wondering if I am cut out to blog or just not giving it enough time. I started to blog as a way to jump-start my business. I did well for a couple of weeks and then nothing.

I was never very good at writing or at least that is my thought. No one has told me otherwise! Coming up with topic is difficult. I have to make sure it is political correct or not going to hurt anyone’s feelings. Any way I guess I will ponder it for a bit longer.

Silence is Golden so They Say

I listen to Joyce Meyer in the morning on my to work. One of the topics she discussed was spending time with God. Yes I can always use more time but, I don’t like the silence! Why? I am not sure. Is it because I might learn something about myself? Some might say it is because I am fearful of hearing a truth from God Himself or not hearing anything. I understand that not all believe that God talks to us. I do believe that He may not talk directly but, I do think that He is the little voice (some might say conscious) in your head.

It is something that I started to work on so, when I am finished listening to Joyce, usually about 14 minutes. I don’t turn on the radio for a few minutes and let me tell you those are the longest few minutes. It felt like an eternity when it was only a couple of miles (on the highway) so that is what 3 minutes! Oh well baby steps and growth.

Spoiled Rotten

spoiledWe the people are spoiled and maybe a bit out of touch with reality. Take Kathy Griffin thinking that it is ok to threatened the POTUS with his severed head and then blaming him for the back lash. I mean really! In what reality is threatening  a person, any person ok?

No is responsible or being held accountable for their actions. Mike Dewine wants to sue the drug companies for the opioid addiction. So what’s next sue Budweiser for getting people drunk or making people alcoholic’s? Sue tobacco companies for lung cancer? People need to be responsible for their own actions.

Well that’s my little rant for the day. People own your problems, stop blaming others. You can”t solve them if you don’t own up to them.

Beauty Tips

I am starting with bags under the eye because, I seem to always have a lot of luggage! Instead of applying concealer to the entire under eye area, highlight the crease and the apply a darker shade over the actually puffiness (

Lipstick is my favorite cosmetic and the one that I use daily. Start with a baby toothbrush and exfoliate our lips. You can also make a homemade scrub with 2 tbsp. of brown sugar, 1 tbsp. of honey, and 1 tbsp. of coconut oil, cover your lips with petroleum jelly before scrubbing. (

Another lip trick, we aren’t all born with nice full lips. Line your lips outside of your natural line, just outside so that you don’t end up looking like Mimi from Drew Carey show.

Finally, we all have issues at least occasionally with acne. I am 51 and still have the occasional break out! Take a small  brush and place a small amount of concealer, apply to the blemish and use your finger to blend.

I know I can use all the help I can get! Enjoy and hopefully I have shared something you can use.

Traffic Pet Peeves

First is highway driving, the person who drives in the far left lane. It’s a passing lane and if they aren’t actively passing they should get over! Some states have passed laws that motorist  can be ticketed for not getting over and they are Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and more, Get over laws . It slows down traffic and can cause accidents which is why it is becoming law in many states.

Second, when a lane is ending and the people wait until the last moment to get over. This is a problem when traffic is heavy! When they wait until last-minute to get over, it slows traffic down and sometimes stops traffic. Other motorists have to slow down or stop to let them over. Drives me crazy, especially when they had a mile or more warning! Along the same lines is constant lane changing when traffic is slowing down, to get in the faster lane. That also slows traffic , when you change lanes the other motorist slows down or brakes and then you have a domino effect.

Lastly, but not least. Merging onto highway/traffic, as you are entering the ramp and preparing to merge into traffic. Motorist should be accelerating to the speed limit of roadway, and then merge into traffic. Motorists on the roadway should not be slowing down to allow others to enter, they may get over a lane if it is safe to do.  I have left room for many people to get on but they are going to slow or just don’t know how to merge into traffic.